Helen Marie “Cookie” Gordon. (Courtesy photo)

HelenMarie “Cookie” Gordon for Vallejo City Council, District 6

For over 30 plus years, I work various careers such as retail sales to human services including working with programs that help provide support to the youth and their families. I am blessed and grateful to also serve as a Community Advocate/Organizer for people in all walks of life. My ongoing community advocacy demonstrates the commitment, passion and experience for serving the constituents of District 6. From my dedicated involvement with our public schools, improving transportation routes, requesting wheelchair cuts to sidewalks or standing up for the health of our neighborhood against a cement plant, my voice and heart serves the needs of District 6.

My willingness to be part of the solution represents the leadership needed to achieve common ground in Vallejo. I will work with City of Vallejo and community leaders to build a positive legacy for our District 6 constituents. My goals include: 1) investing in our neighborhoods with economic development to support our children, families and businesses with healthy, sustainable solutions; 2) partnerships with education, healthcare and transportation agencies to create a thriving environment for District 6 residents to live their best life.


Public Schools

Healthy Neighborhoods

ADA Compliance

Transportation Improvements


  1. PTA President (over 30 years); PTA District Representative; Legislative Representative
  2. School Site Council President:  Vallejo High School, Franklin Middle, Hogan High, Grace Patterson Elementary, Jesse Bethel High School 
  3. VCUSD District Advisory Council Chair
  4. African American Parent Network Member
  5. South Vallejo Neighborhood Association – Community Liaison/Outreach Coordinator
  6. Emanuel Temple Apostolic Church – Legislative Representative
  7. Solano Transportation Authority Community Advisory Board
  8. Vallejo Transit Advisory Board
  9. Fighting Back Partnership Community Representative
  10. Military Family Advocate/Liaison with City Leadership (e.g. Memphis, TN; Fort Irwin, CA)
  11. Enlisted Dependent Club President and other voluntary roles to support military families
  12. Safe transportation efforts (street lighting, ADA improvements at intersections and crosswalks along South Vallejo roadway)
  13. Environmental Justice Advocate for healthy communities due to genetic impacts on family
  14. Housing advocate for low income programs

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